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Since 2005, Health and Wellness Education Partners has worked with academia, industry, patients, and payers to advance patient care. We are proud to announce our latest initiative, Rare Opportunities in Primary Care.

Rare Opportunities

Rare Opportunities in Primary Care is a new ally in the rare disease community that focuses specifically on improving the quality of primary care for people living with rare diseases.

About 30 million Americans have a rare disease. An estimated 7000 diseases are considered “rare,” from Aarskog syndrome to Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. But having a rare disease does not make the person "rare"—and these people still need routine medical care just like everyone else. Unfortunately, health care professionals (HCPs) providing primary care to people with rare diseases may be unfamiliar with how to administer or adjust routine care. Now these HCPs have an opportunity to learn more about rare diseases and how to appropriately care for people with these conditions in the primary care setting.

Rare Opportunities in Primary Care's CME program was founded to help primary care clinicians enhance care for patients with rare diseases. Please join us as we begin this journey and attempt to change existing paradigms.

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